Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice is an interesting movie, James Balog showcases what is going on with the Greenland using special cameras that are timed using an intervalometer so he can timelapse the entire country of Greenland while also persuading the belife that Climate change is real and what not. I find this film very interesting as even though I am somewhat neutral on this issue, the film uses amazing job of using imagery with bold and telling you why this is a big issue. It is shocking to see really nasty stuff underneath the ice in Greenland and why our glaciers are getting smaller and smaller. This has a profound effect on our coastline as the shrinking glaciers could cause our sea levels to rise and that is a bad thing in our society as it could sink cities such as Shanghai or even parts of California, or New York City. This film also predicts that there could be a mass extinction of animals which is sad, as those animals could help diversify our ecosystems and could be a necessary part of them. Balog is someone who really wants to solve this problem of global warming and to save our nature. He also gets hurt in this movie, but still manages to soldier on to see why our glaciers are shrinking. His words are very powerful and it really does reconsider my climate change view. I do think it is false to a degree, it justs sounds so traumatic and what not. In the end I really enjoyed this movie.