San Elijo Lagoon

Last monday we went to the San Elijo Lagoon for a field trip and I had a blast taking pictures of wonderful native plants and perhaps some not so native.

I really like that they have sage, sun flowers and all sorts of plants. Here are some of the

Encelia californica

Salvi Melifiera

Croton californicus

Baccharis salicifolia

Papaver heterophyllum

Pinus torreyana,

These are some of the plants I have taken at this trip. Hope you all enjoy my photos and more detailed description later.



Last Monday, I saw Rise and it was a really good showing of this film. I was rather shocked to see how badly the Native Americans were treated by the big oil companies who want to build the pipeline. The film is about a group of Native Americans who have a camp and this camp is to stop the pipeline and to preserve their heritage. The biggest problem of the pipeline is that the Native Americans want to keep their water clean of pollutants. Vice themselves did a documentary news clip on the Indian water supply and water is byfar our most precious resource that we must keep clean. Native Americans use that water for their livestock, crops, and more. I actually saw both parts, but I am mainly focusing on the first part as we were only required to watch the first part. I did however, skip the Q&A session as it was getting too long and I had other things to do. The natives are worried that the oil could spill out of the pipeline and into the Groundwater, contaminating the watersupply and effectively killing off their population. Unfortunately, the pipeline is still in limbo as the Trump Administration realizes that the pipeline can bring in Jobs to other people. I was shocked at how large the Sioux population is and even stretching into Canada. In the end it was a good movie, and I probably do not want the pipeline to be built.

I would probably feel bad if my ancient burial grounds had to be dug up to help build a new pipeline. We must preserve our heritage as one day, some corporation builds a large thing over historical lands and that destroys it.

Camille Seaman

Camilles photos are just simply stunning and how she is able to capture storms. I think she has a special relationship with the environment and photography that is hard to beat. I think her relationship in Polar ice is really good and the icebergs are a point that in our lives that we should keep our polar ice as the ice can melt which could raise the sealevels and reduce the amount of land we have on this earth. I liked that her child helped her get into the art of catching storms and photographing them. Each Iceberg has it’s own personality which is rather special as each human also has its own personality.

It does take a special person to track storms in the storm catcher film. The film shows that risk can have a good reward if you can follow your dreams. Her dedication is simply insane. The relationship she has with the storms comes from her Native American roots. I feel that humans are in one with nature and I think the goal of this class is to be one with nature while taking photos along the way.

In the end this concludes my post on this.


Botanic Garden

Last Saturday (due to no class on monday) I went to the Botanic gardens and just simply took a bunch of photos in the garden and just explored it and took photos.I really enjoyed the garden and found it to be very peaceful to shoot there. Since I only had one lens to shoot with I only thought about using my 28-135 is usm lens. I did however bring a polarizer and some shots might have been taken with one. I think it was fun to shoot with a polarizer and to try to slow down the waterfall. I also noticed that there was a wedding on that day, but I do not really have any clandestine photos of it. What I learned is that polarizers are rather fun and exciting to take photos and to just experiement and try new things. What I got out of it was that the Botanic garden is really beautiful and I want to see it again along with a membership as I really want to enjoy this peaceful place. Thankfully I got to go on Saturday as the day after was a rainy day in the afternoon. I also learned that you can still get good depth of field at smaller apertures.

I also did not start at the entrance and went from the Asian portion all the way around to the children section and then to the entrance. I tried to get every single garden and I really liked the native plant section. I still plan on a Part 2, so be stay tuned for that.

Border Cantos

On this week our class was canceled so in lieu of having class that day, we got to see a couple of films. One of the films is a presentation called Border Cantos by Richard Misrach and Guillermo Galindo. In this current political climate, this film is very significant as you can see that people can easily adapt and can still get through our border. Though this is going to eventually change once our president decides to build a new wall. This is seen with the various art and things that were left out. What is the difference between a landscape and a cultural landscape? I think the difference between a cultural landscape and a landscape is that a landscape is just a traditional photograph, but it can also be cultural. A cultural landscape is a landscape in this film where it shows the landscape but also the culture like the wall for example being artistically done or whatever is left behind in the border. As far as my reaction to the work? I did like the work as it was very good, as the photographs were well made on a large camera and I could hardly tell which ones were done on each camera. It does beg the question that should we allow migrants or should we not allow migrants. On one hand, they could provide benefits for our economy, but on the other hand, some say they could cause problems with our country and eventually want to take over.I do find it fascinating that the Rio Grande border is on land that borders really do divide our nation.

As far as what is different about the goals of the photographer? Landscape as hero, or landscape as actor in a relationship? Or acted upon? I think it is a more acted upon relationship. Though I think I like the fact that he did decided to photograph areas that are not really photographed like the border to show how and why our borders are messed up from the get go. I think it is acted upon as he just simply goes around the borders and just photograph images.

Hour of Magic

Yesterday, I went to Kit Carson park a little after 5 PM and took some nice photos and left until 6PM. I did try to shoot in the morning, but the rain made it hard to shoot. I did not have my tripod, which was probably a bad idea as I had to really crank up the ISO on my old 50D, which shows its age when enhancing the photos and looking up close. I really enjoyed this photo shoot and some are in Black and white. The sunset was really nice, but I think I should have focused on the other side of the mall as I think I would have gotten a better view or just focus on the neighborhood. It had some pretty places to photograph and I would love to photograph at Kit Carson park again.

If I had to do it differently, I would probably go when it is not very rainy and the weather is really nice and sunny for that really nice shot and I want to reshoot again! 🙂 I would also bring a tripod so I do not need to use ISO 3200. Other than that, this is my photoshoot for this assignment.


This has been the 2nd time, I have been to MOPA and I have finally got to go again, as the 13th (day before I went) was closed due to issues. I have already posted my inspirational photo shoot, but this time, it was very interesting to see the actual exhibit. I went on the 14th, which was free for those who are SD county residents. This was a nice thing, as I did not have to spend anything to get there. I still standy by my decision to choose Gossage.I find that his black and white images convey the meaning of Disorder by Prix pictet. His black and white landscapes have a very dark feeling in that the actual landscapes can be transformed as if it were color, it would be rather, boring but black and white makes it more interesting. I could compare these to something like an Ansel Adams, but rather more modern and fun. The scenery reminds me a lot of  San Diego, which is probably why I chose that. I think he tries to be like Art Wolfe and try to tie in everything together as a disordered photo of a leading trail not being in the middle, but also the leaves try to get your eyes into that one shot. I wish I could find the name of that shot, but that was probably my favorite photograph at MOPA. There were a lot of good photographers there, and I wonder if anybody liked the Indian photo exhibit which had a lot of interesting photos!

Discovery Lake

Today, I went to Discovery lake, where I took a bunch of landscape and close up shots of the scenery. I went to Discovery lake, as it was close to the school, but I also went there, as I also enjoy the scenery there. The ducks and the plants provide a nice backdrop to the landscapes. I decided to do a whole mix of shots including both plants and man’s best friend! I hope you enjoy these shots!