Native foods

Decolonizing the Diet

This is an interesting film about a woman who talks about using Acorns to be used as a food source. This film is also proves that California is a very diverse area in terms of diet.  What is shocking is that the Native Americans cannot find their own acorns but due to changing climates we see less Oak trees and more trains. Our cultures are supposed to be sacred and unique to our own identities, but due to changes in lifestyle we are slowly losing that. It is sad that we cannot find the chia that is available in the store.

The Chia cafe collective (CCC) is a group of people who have an interest in native plants to be used as food instead of a processed diet. We had Craig Torres (Tongva) and Abe Sanchez came to our class last monday and they gave us a wonderful lecture on native plants and working with them to make wonderful recipes. One of the recipes involved using Cactus, and even Pineapple to make Smoothies while Deborah Small made this wonderful Nectar that you can use to drink and there were limes available so you could add a little sour because it is a bit sweet. What really got me is that Craig Torres who lives in LA has trouble finding the native foods due to a lack of reservations in LA. I too try to want to know where food comes from, but it is not easy when you want to eat take out and fast food. Fast food and Take out is everywhere but I am trying to eat foods that are healthier and eating more things at home which is healthier. I like the message on the native plants to be used as food as we have a huge swath of native plants that can be used to make good recipes and even medicine in our backyard, but we have to figure out this knowledge and learning the knowledge takes time.

What Happens When Native People Lose Their Traditional Foods?

This was a good article where Deborah small asks the question what would happen if we lose our own native foods. This article highlights the Chia cafe collective into something that educates people in using Native plants to make food. I agree that we need to reject our industrialized diet and stick to more native plants. Leslie Mouriquand was successful in reversing the effects of Type 2 diabetes, and perhaps there is an issue going around that Native people tend to have serious health problems. This is likely due to poor industrialized diets and perhaps there is a gene that could potentially cause this. The CCC is doing great things in regards to trying to get the vegetation and promoting healthy eating. I hope they keep up the good work and inform people on the importance of native plants.

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