Last Monday, I saw Rise and it was a really good showing of this film. I was rather shocked to see how badly the Native Americans were treated by the big oil companies who want to build the pipeline. The film is about a group of Native Americans who have a camp and this camp is to stop the pipeline and to preserve their heritage. The biggest problem of the pipeline is that the Native Americans want to keep their water clean of pollutants. Vice themselves did a documentary news clip on the Indian water supply and water is byfar our most precious resource that we must keep clean. Native Americans use that water for their livestock, crops, and more. I actually saw both parts, but I am mainly focusing on the first part as we were only required to watch the first part. I did however, skip the Q&A session as it was getting too long and I had other things to do. The natives are worried that the oil could spill out of the pipeline and into the Groundwater, contaminating the watersupply and effectively killing off their population. Unfortunately, the pipeline is still in limbo as the Trump Administration realizes that the pipeline can bring in Jobs to other people. I was shocked at how large the Sioux population is and even stretching into Canada. In the end it was a good movie, and I probably do not want the pipeline to be built.

I would probably feel bad if my ancient burial grounds had to be dug up to help build a new pipeline. We must preserve our heritage as one day, some corporation builds a large thing over historical lands and that destroys it.

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