Camille Seaman

Camilles photos are just simply stunning and how she is able to capture storms. I think she has a special relationship with the environment and photography that is hard to beat. I think her relationship in Polar ice is really good and the icebergs are a point that in our lives that we should keep our polar ice as the ice can melt which could raise the sealevels and reduce the amount of land we have on this earth. I liked that her child helped her get into the art of catching storms and photographing them. Each Iceberg has it’s own personality which is rather special as each human also has its own personality.

It does take a special person to track storms in the storm catcher film. The film shows that risk can have a good reward if you can follow your dreams. Her dedication is simply insane. The relationship she has with the storms comes from her Native American roots. I feel that humans are in one with nature and I think the goal of this class is to be one with nature while taking photos along the way.

In the end this concludes my post on this.


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