Botanic Garden

Last Saturday (due to no class on monday) I went to the Botanic gardens and just simply took a bunch of photos in the garden and just explored it and took photos.I really enjoyed the garden and found it to be very peaceful to shoot there. Since I only had one lens to shoot with I only thought about using my 28-135 is usm lens. I did however bring a polarizer and some shots might have been taken with one. I think it was fun to shoot with a polarizer and to try to slow down the waterfall. I also noticed that there was a wedding on that day, but I do not really have any clandestine photos of it. What I learned is that polarizers are rather fun and exciting to take photos and to just experiement and try new things. What I got out of it was that the Botanic garden is really beautiful and I want to see it again along with a membership as I really want to enjoy this peaceful place. Thankfully I got to go on Saturday as the day after was a rainy day in the afternoon. I also learned that you can still get good depth of field at smaller apertures.

I also did not start at the entrance and went from the Asian portion all the way around to the children section and then to the entrance. I tried to get every single garden and I really liked the native plant section. I still plan on a Part 2, so be stay tuned for that.


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