Border Cantos

On this week our class was canceled so in lieu of having class that day, we got to see a couple of films. One of the films is a presentation called Border Cantos by Richard Misrach and Guillermo Galindo. In this current political climate, this film is very significant as you can see that people can easily adapt and can still get through our border. Though this is going to eventually change once our president decides to build a new wall. This is seen with the various art and things that were left out. What is the difference between a landscape and a cultural landscape? I think the difference between a cultural landscape and a landscape is that a landscape is just a traditional photograph, but it can also be cultural. A cultural landscape is a landscape in this film where it shows the landscape but also the culture like the wall for example being artistically done or whatever is left behind in the border. As far as my reaction to the work? I did like the work as it was very good, as the photographs were well made on a large camera and I could hardly tell which ones were done on each camera. It does beg the question that should we allow migrants or should we not allow migrants. On one hand, they could provide benefits for our economy, but on the other hand, some say they could cause problems with our country and eventually want to take over.I do find it fascinating that the Rio Grande border is on land that borders really do divide our nation.

As far as what is different about the goals of the photographer? Landscape as hero, or landscape as actor in a relationship? Or acted upon? I think it is a more acted upon relationship. Though I think I like the fact that he did decided to photograph areas that are not really photographed like the border to show how and why our borders are messed up from the get go. I think it is acted upon as he just simply goes around the borders and just photograph images.


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