Hour of Magic

Yesterday, I went to Kit Carson park a little after 5 PM and took some nice photos and left until 6PM. I did try to shoot in the morning, but the rain made it hard to shoot. I did not have my tripod, which was probably a bad idea as I had to really crank up the ISO on my old 50D, which shows its age when enhancing the photos and looking up close. I really enjoyed this photo shoot and some are in Black and white. The sunset was really nice, but I think I should have focused on the other side of the mall as I think I would have gotten a better view or just focus on the neighborhood. It had some pretty places to photograph and I would love to photograph at Kit Carson park again.

If I had to do it differently, I would probably go when it is not very rainy and the weather is really nice and sunny for that really nice shot and I want to reshoot again! 🙂 I would also bring a tripod so I do not need to use ISO 3200. Other than that, this is my photoshoot for this assignment.

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