This has been the 2nd time, I have been to MOPA and I have finally got to go again, as the 13th (day before I went) was closed due to issues. I have already posted my inspirational photo shoot, but this time, it was very interesting to see the actual exhibit. I went on the 14th, which was free for those who are SD county residents. This was a nice thing, as I did not have to spend anything to get there. I still standy by my decision to choose Gossage.I find that his black and white images convey the meaning of Disorder by Prix pictet. His black and white landscapes have a very dark feeling in that the actual landscapes can be transformed as if it were color, it would be rather, boring but black and white makes it more interesting. I could compare these to something like an Ansel Adams, but rather more modern and fun. The scenery reminds me a lot of  San Diego, which is probably why I chose that. I think he tries to be like Art Wolfe and try to tie in everything together as a disordered photo of a leading trail not being in the middle, but also the leaves try to get your eyes into that one shot. I wish I could find the name of that shot, but that was probably my favorite photograph at MOPA. There were a lot of good photographers there, and I wonder if anybody liked the Indian photo exhibit which had a lot of interesting photos!


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