Weaving the World Together


Weaving the World together is a fascinating film that talks about the native people using native plants for things such as Baskets or even houses. I find it fascinating that you should be active with nature, as this ties in with living off the land and using what is available. The amount of work that goes into each basket is amazing and able to get 20-30 trees from one branch is also interesting. I sometimes hike from time to time (have not done it in a while) and this makes me want to do it again, and maybe hike the mountains in search of beautiful looking plants, or the view.

The film was set in California in most likely areas in LA where people are trying to find native plants. I find that using boundaries and limits, tend to encourage people to find out what is behind those tresspassing signs to see what kind of things lie beneath the land. I liked that someone bought a house and are using native plants. I would love to use native plants if I were to have a house with a garden as those plants tend to have lower water costs than water guzzling grass and plants. Though, living with nature does demand respect as you cannot take holy water and use it on others, as you need to be a priest to do that. Same with driving, you need a drivers license that has a lot of rules, regulations and tests before you can get a drivers license.

In the end I enjoyed this film.

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