Ways of Seeing – In Class

This is probably a photo set that has shown how much I have grown when taking VSAR 302. I would say the first photo is Repetition or even leading lines, as you can see different parts in the building. 2nd one is Vertical balance, but should have shot that one vertically. 3rd one is Horizontal balance as it appears to be all balanced. The 4th and final photo in my incomplete set is rather the spot color or contrast as you can see the contrast between the light and the green plant. I had a lot of fun doing this project, but at the time, I was not as a good as I had been in photography, but this assignment has laid out the ground work for this class.

What I got out of it is a good practice for the actual assignment that was posted on this blog earlier. It also gave me the ability to use my camera more and to be creative and playful with the settings and to edit the photos. That is what I have liked about this assignment.

What I did not like about it is that, I could not complete everything and I should have shot better photos using the better ISO and shutter speeds. I should have managed my time better and tried to get all the ways of seeing in this assignment, but I redeemed myself in the homework assignment of the same name.

In the end I had a great time, and I really enjoyed taking VSAR 302 and thank you Nancy for all the memories in class and I hope to use that knowledge you have given me for VSAR 440! 🙂

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