Some of the Alphabet


Here is a nice assignment that hit close to home as I have done something similar before a very long time ago. A, D, F, J, K, L, O, T, U, V are the letters that I was able to interpret using my DSLR and a nice lens. I have had a lot of fun doing this assignment in class, and I could have made this a little better for the photoshop file, but other than that, it was an excellent assignment. I have learned that a lot of objects can be shaped like a letter and represent quite well.

What I have gotten out of it is that again, letters can be represented by different objects, even trees. I find that a tripod can be very clumsy to use at times, but are a necessary evil when it comes to photographing things at night. I might have loosely defined a grid, as something that is a bit more random and hastily made, but I like to have fun with things and not worry about focusing on making a boring grid.

The assignment itself would have been better in the day, but the night gives it a nice touch to the assignment. I would love to do this again, and I think it would be awesome to do so. I was not thrilled to be using ISO 3200 as my camera can be very grainy, but I have to accept that. I should have gotten more locations as that would have made it even better.

In the end I enjoyed this assignment. myalphabet1.jpg

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