Nancy is an amazing professor, and I really enjoyed this class. I think this has been by far my favorite class for this semester, which has been rather hectic due to having classes on different days and almost every day of the week.

For the evaluation, I find that she is a very kind and caring professor to her students. Yes, she can get a little bit intense, but I find that if you talk to her about the class, she is very kind and honest. I liked the fact that she is supportive of me and my disability and encourages positive reinforcement of just doing it and not letting me limit myself. 🙂 Her people skills are great and I do not really see her needing to improve that. Maybe not try to do too much at once to maybe help balance out. I also find you to be an amazing photographer and a mom to your daughter! Her emails are very detailed and well thought out and so is this course. Her passion and sense of details is what drives this class to be my favorite class of the semester.

Lynda videos were very helpful, but she could maybe specify a bit more in regards to the Photoshop CC tutorial as there is a 2015 version and a 2014 version (which is longer). Maybe better clarification, but I do not think that is an issue. I find them really well put together.

For the workload, I think the workload is not bad actually. I find it to be just right as you can really spend as little or as much time as you like. I can spend maybe an hour or two or more and still get great shots. Even the editing is easy and rather painless. I liked Camera RAW and the tutorials on how to use it which is rather fascinating along with Lightroom. Lightroom is probably my favorite photo editing program in the Creative Cloud. 🙂 Each project was very fun and I could take advantage of my existing Canon 50D (which is a plus). I was able to breathe new life into my old camera and have probably taken some of if not the best photos of my life. I had a lot of fun shooting  for the photo booth which was probably my favorite assignment in the class.

For the Blogs, I find them to be very easy to make them using WordPress. I liked the blog for the syllabus much better than Cougar Courses. I am not the biggest fan of Cougar Courses as I think it is hard to use at times, and the interface could be better. I do like simulcasting some of the information though.

The field trips were awesome, though maybe some that are more accessible by public transit, though I did not have much of an issue with that due to getting rides from other students that have been very generous. I wish we could also do more of the field trips, but I have to save that for 440.

In the end I had an excellent time in VSAR 302 and I hope to take 440 next semester, though I wish Nancy could also teach that one as well.


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