I have decided to make some quick panoramas and I learned something. I am still getting the hang of making panorama using the rental Tripod, which was not a good tripod. So I had to make do with what I have.

I do find moving the tripod to be a bit of a pain, and a little bit confusing to edit the photos. Editing these photos are not like editing in Lightroom as you have to stitch the images together. I will probably re work these and take some more panoramas so I can really get it right.

I would probably do this again with a better tripod and might have spent a little more time on it. It does take a while to make a good panorama. I really should use a wide angle lens like a 10-22 or something like that as my lens has a 28 mm when you account for the crop is like a 42 mm, though I need to persuade some authorities to get a wider angle lens which is difficult at the moment. I do think I should have just rented that, but the school sometimes does not have a rental lens for that. I do think the swirl planet photo is probably my favorite as it really looks quite cool. Other than that, I had a good time photographing around my neighborhood, but hopefully the next panorama shoot will be in a better setting, so I can get that perfect pano. Enjoy!

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