I had a lot of fun at my house doing some low lights. I used my rented tripod for a little bit and took some more photos of a neighbors turck and some photos around the house. I chose the house as I got home from the photobooth and decided to just photograph around the house instead. I felt that I could get some good shots, but this camera very much follows the 400 to 800 ISO rule as it really can get grainy at ISO speeds beyond that. I did not remove the noise, so I hope these are good photographs. I liked doing it, and I would love to do it again, and I really think I should do this again, but in Black and white, as it really looks nice in the dark. All of these were shot on a rental f2.8 lens, which the guy said was good for low light.

What I liked about the assignment is the ability to take the photos in the dark, and to really be creative with the swirls (I used a flash light). I think that was a good idea, as I tried to be creative using the long shutter speed. I also used a timer to start the slow shutter. This assignment really allowed me a lot of creative freedom and I did have fun. I would do this again, for sure. I also think I should have used the tripod in all the shots, but I think I turned out ok. In the end this was a good assignment.

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