Nancy diBenedetto

Our guest speaker was actually our own professor, Nancy diBenedetto. I find her to be an inspiring person, while being in the Navy as a combat photographer, to being a mom, and a professor. I don’t know how I could do it, but somehow she does it. I have actually filmed an interview with Nancy as the star and she is as what she is in class. She knows how to challenge yourself by taking photos with restrictions like RAW (restrictions are actually a good thing) to being out of your comfort zone. I also find it interesting she can do online classes in an east coast Masters program and still be able to do all of this. Combat photography is very difficult. In combat photography, you literally have to risk your life to photograph others. She did a great job in her speech and sometimes you need to leave everything behind to start a new career or even do better.

I find her to be a very sincere person! She is just as she is on the interview as I like I said, I have interviewed her. I really find her to be someone who really wants to bring out the best in all of her students including me! I also like how accommodating she can be and that she wants you to be open and free yourself, so you don’t have to be trapped inside your shell.

In a way, she makes me want to be a photography major, or even start up a photography studio, as her class is giving me the tools I need to succeed in that line of work. I am not sure what is going to happen once I leave this school, though I would like to get a masters degree, and I probably will get it here as I really seem to like this school.

In the end, I enjoyed her as a guest speaker.


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