Street Photography

I though the movie by Cheryl Dunn called everybody street was a good film. It had a lot of good points, and arguments about what gear you should use and what not. I loved the idea of just going around the streets and taking pictures of various people and events. It reminds me that sometimes I take pictures of public transportation, which is rather strange to most people, but I like to do it, as I think it is a fun thing to do, but it also allows me to not get bored at the bus and/or train station. Also, I think the video camera is an important part in street photography as you can affordably take good video evidence of crimes. I really enjoyed this film and the people in it were rather great.

I did not expect that people were fighting over what gear they should use either 35mm or digital. When it comes to SLR cameras I mainly used digital ones as film is kind of going obsolete and I am used to digital tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom. I disagree about film, but film is definitely more careful. I think Digital is only getting better and better, and it is so easy to shoot in digital as the cameras can do the work for you if you chose to. I liked Meyerowitz’s photos as I though they were inspiring.

Boogie is rather interesting as I felt that he could just take pictures of anybody, especially in the problematic areas in NY. Boogie documented people who used drugs and what not and it does take a very strong person to do that. Boogie inspired me to maybe branch out more into street photography, but not necessarily the kind of ghetto areas he does, but maybe expand my horizons a bit.


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