Lowlight in Class

Had to borrow a tripod, but got some nice photos in class of Xilo and Jenna as well as one other student in class, but I had a good time. I got some trippy photos of light that is blurred out and having the tripod makes it easier if you want to use a slow shutter speed. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, as I hope this can improve my abilities in lowlight for the real assignment. This campus really allows for great lowlight photos and I loved how people used their phones to swing around that gives it a nice look when blurred. I should take this and just learn more about taking pictures at night. The 50D is a great camera, though I wonder how noisy my photos are because of the dark. I really want to do this again. In lightroom I did not really have to edit much as with light editing, you can really make some nice photos.

I did not like having to not have a tripod that has a missing piece. I did however, notify the people at the checkout to have that tripod get a plate to mount the camera. Though that was not really an issue. I should check all my tripods before I get them, as sometimes things can and will go missing. I also took a break and had some nice dinner at panda.

In the end, even with sharing some tripods I would do this again.


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