Letters to a Young Artist

Jimmie Durham had something about how can I integrate into the world I live in. I feel like I am disconnected in our world because of autism, sol I try to integrate a bit more by using things such as music and art to hopefully make myself more unique. I do like to go out and have fun, but it now usually by myself and I still happen to live with my parents and use public transportation, which is probably not helping me become independent. I think as a young artist, you should try to explore yourself and your horizons and even if you do collect weird stuff to try to understand this world, you need to experience life as it is presented, as you might find something you might really enjoy. Datura is this weird sort of counter culture music from the 90s that used to be popular but not anymore (hopefully this does not shoot up the value of datura records on discogs.com). The cat picture is disconnected as I really would love to own a cat, but I live with people who do not want pets in the house, plus I could very well be allergic to them. 😦

I find Comic con the ultimate event for a disconnected person and an artist as you can really find people that may very well be on the same interests as you. As a young artist you have the ability to sell your work or even go into artists alley where you can do commissioned art pieces to show goers for a modest fee. Also with comic con you can get constructive criticism at a portfolio critique and maybe see if you art is good enough. Success is not about making money, but it is rather the achievements overtime that you have obtained. While I realize it cannot happen to everyone, I think the ability to be successful all depends on how determined you are.

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