Discovery Lake

On Monday October 16, I went to the Discovery Lake Park. It was a rather nice place to take pictures, as I was able a bunch of pictures and figure out how to use Adobe camera RAW! 🙂 Though I was rather shocked that I did not take any vertical photographs. I tried to use the rule of thirds, leading lines, repetition and various lighting as we got to play with a light that students could use to help represent lighting such as Rembrandt and 3 point lighting.

What I liked about the event, is just going out and getting real world experience instead of having some dry boring lectures. I really liked the sunset at night, but I don’t have a photo posted of that on here. The students were really nice and I liked being by the lake. I also saw this little toddler, who ran around and got some photos of that. The toddler looks so cute of holding the pinecone.

I did not like much, but I did not like that I could have gotten more vertical photos, and I am not sure if I could get my color correction right. Though I could have probably gotten the 2nd photo so it does not really represent a cartoon. At times, I had to really bump up the ISO speed since it started to get dark rather quickly.

In conclusion, the field trip was a success and I would love to go on more field trips with the class.


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