Ian Ruther Silver and Light

You know, Ian Ruther is someone who I am really appreciating, as he takes his own approach in the silver and Light series. This is a guy who uses a large format camera to capture the beauty of Yosemite and then develops on site in a truck. I loved the fact that he uses plating and painstakingly takes those images and makes a product that is not an enlargement. I think that is unique as most cameras are largely based on  35mm film and a lot of DSLR’s are based on a cropped version of that, and that this approach requires you to be perfect as it is not cheap to make these images. Plus, you only get one shot. It is definitely not instant gratification where an iPhone or a digital camera can take perfect pictures in auto mode, but what is the fun in that. Silver and Light is that documentary or portraiture that documents Ruthers experience in making beautiful images in Yosemite and other locales. The image of the model, is something that looks totally unique and not something that is taking on a 35mm based DSLR and just enlarged though we can make good prints from such cameras and still be fairly usable. I think this is something that is a fitting portraiture into this guy and to see how he likes to operate.

The intro is something that looks like someone making some kind of chemistry, but a quote he says is that “Life gives us opportunities”. I think as an art student, you need to use your life to take risks and to use that to make your end product. I think I should use my hands to create something special like drawing, or using charcoal. This is a guy who likes to do things his way and not follow others, and I like that.

I did not really dislike this film, but I think I would hate to take a bad photo after spending that money on that painstaking process. Also, I did not like that such processes probably expose you to a lot of various chemicals that could have a negative impact on your health.

Other than that I enjoyed watching this documentary.

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