Double Peak Part shoot – Environmental Portrait

I went with a student named Xiaorui Bi, with a few students, and took some photos for my photography class. This is the environmental photography assignment, and I got her in the enviroment as someone who is observing the natural beauty of Double peak park. I really enjoyed taking these photos, and my 50D with my 28-135mm lens seemed to do fine. Double Peak park made a nice environment as the top of the mountain, where we took these photos has a lot of natural beatuy and the views are just simply amazing, I really liked being able to see pretty much all of San Marcos from just one peak of a mountain. I did not like that my friday class was cancelled, but that is life I guess.

She was a blast to work with and I hope to take some more photos of her. Bi is someone who is is someone who really seems to enjoy being a student in Cal State San Marcos and someone with immense curiosity when I see her looking at the marvelous view of Double Peak park.


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