I decided to go to the MOPA exhibit Defying Darkness on September 28! It was a really good exhibit. I found that the exhibit had a lot of interesting photographs, and it was hard to really choose which one was my favorite, but one really stood out for me. All the photographs were taken all throughout the eras. I did notice that some of them were donations.

What I liked about the exhibit is that it really shows Photography at night and there were really good quotes! I liked the history of Flash photography, even though there might be images that were probably taken without a flash. I also found it very fascinating to take night photographs in black and white! As we all know, white reveals and black conceals. This is why it works well in black and white. Oh, and I bought a cool coffee mug that resembles a Canon (though not Canon branded) 24-105 f4L IS USM. It is probably the closest (for now) to that lens, but I want to use it to put my favorite coffee beverage in one.

I did not like that the exhibit ended on October 2nd, but I understood that they need to end exhibits so new photographs. Some of the photographs were very dark and had a gloomy sort of down feel. It

What inspired me is a photo from 2000, where a woman is floating above a city. This photograph is something that I really though was cool, because it looked like it was photoshopped or just a doub

le exposure where the woman was shot first or 2nd and then added on to a background of a city. What inspired me is that I think it proves that we can all float around in life and it just looks cool. It defys darkness as the lights help darken up the image. In the end I had a great time there.


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