Response to Young-Ha Kim & Letters of a Young Artist

Young-Ha Kim in his Tedxtalk is really fascinating. I found it to really relate to me as a young child, as I used to doodle a lot in my school! I really enjoyed being artistic, but perhaps it all left somewhere. What really got me back into the arts, was ironically going back to college. I feel like people are pressured into doing non art degrees, as they feel like taking the safe boring option that makes money. Making money is great, and even I want to be successful, but I want to have fun doing it. I really think I could be the person who does graphic design, but also does photography, or even Music if I wanted to. I really think I should “just do it.”

I did not like much if any about it. I do not like that people are suppressed for their art. Also, being punished for making art like doodling. I was one of those who drew a lot as a child, and I still do! I also don’t like that people are forced to do things they do not want to do!

For my letters of a young artist. I really enjoyed the piece written by Katz and it fits me and the Ted Talk, because you need to understand everything, and to just do things! High art defines us, and our defining art gets suppressed by the art devils, that we are forced to do it, and we do not like it. What also makes it fits me, is that I am the kind of person who enjoys trying and appreciating new arts, whether it is music or even art like graphic design. I enjoy the gaming arts that people are putting out on the internet, and have even watched a livestream of someone who makes art and plays video games. I find video games to be very artistic. Even if you have to program the video game, art is all around us. Even those technical engineers, are doing some kind of an art. If you want to do something, think of it with art! I like graphic design, but I feel like I am also good at photography and even videography. Yes, my DSLR is outdated and cannot do video, unless you have Magic Lantern, and even then you cannot record audio, unless you have special equipment. I feel like I am taking a tool that I somehow abandoned by the art demons, and trying on new things, to really take good photos.

Seeing is a vision, and everybody in arts and in general all have a vision. Even those who draw on the walls and get punished. Young-Ha Kim had the same vision when he drew a crow, when he should have drawn a castle. It also is a shocking revelation that things like that can be shown in an art gallery in Europe or taking a urinal and calling a fountain by Dada.

Finally, I feel that you should experience failure. I think in our culture, we feel that people are forced into do doing well, due to failure not being an option. Failure is what makes us do better. A Karate grandmaster told me, that hardship brings out good things. I think it really does and fits in with being a college student and even in life in general. Sometimes, the risks you take, often have the biggest rewards. The students that Young-Ha Kim taught are the ones that are forced to do constant writing for an hour with not much time to think. While it does support failure is not an option. It highlights the failure of those who do not unleash their creativity, so they take their time, but the work is dull and generic. I also am that where I also enjoy the internet, and that lack of reading is why we become dictators with a TV remote while watching the debates. I also find my creativity to be the highest once I figure out something or by just doing it by dumping my mind into blogging a post. “Much of what you read is obsolete” and while knowledge can be obsolete the experiences never go out of style, like lying for the first time or drawing, or even saying a word. Yes, you can troll on the internet and forums are not yet obsolete, they can be a valuable place for knowledge and even for art forms. Writing under pressure is what makes your craft skills. My craft skills might be photography, graphic design, and perhaps videography, but I still need my real niche to be carved out. Those are the skills suppressed by the art demons. They might not be gone, but they are out there, just waiting to be discovered. In the end, “just do it” and take risks. You might not be successful, but you don’t know unless you have tried. That my friends is what makes us as great artists.

P.S., I really enjoyed this post and perhaps this post or a variant of it could become a future letter to a young artist.


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