Diptych and Triptych

I hope I got the latter correct! 😛

I decided to go to the Embarcadero near Petco Park and the convention center, and I had a blast. I decided to leave my best friend since 2008 (my 50D) at home and rented a school camera and a EF-S 17-55 F2.8 Lens and I really had fun here. I am supposed to tell a story, and for the first one, I wanted to show that America is where people can do whatever they want even if someone wants to have another countries flag on their boat, they can still be considered an american! For the 2nd one I wanted to showcase how beautiful the back of the convention center is. Not too many people really get to experience this part of the convention, if they are at something like comic con! They might stay within the exhibit halls, but what I might make a out a point is that it is a really beautiful design and sometimes, if you don’t look hard enough, you might miss out on things that are overlooked. Also, this hits close to home as I seem to go to comic con every single year for all the days, but even I overlook the center, as I seem to enjoy the panels. I also enjoy this part of town, and wanted to do something other than Balboa park, and I can easily access this by bus and train (living without a car has its challenges). In the end I really enjoyed this assignment!

P.S, I still did not go to a museum. I hope to go to MOPA sometime soon! Why I forget to do so, is beyond me.


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