Power of Photography

cappuccino-005In this piece, I got out that power is an important theme of photography as it was emphasized so many times. When you combine the black and white images of the photographers being filmed with the color images, it emphasizes the work, more than the photographer itself. This is more apparent when National Geographic uses an exotic angles and multiple cameras to really give the illusion of a tryptic. One quote I heard from my graphic design class is that good graphic design allows someone to not have to read. Photography is the ultimate form of Graphic communication as everybody can view and appreciate it. I loved the sense of detail, and the effort put into it, as if you put good effort into something, people will appreciate it better. The themes were something that were well thought out showcasing emotion, life, death, wildlife. Each image had its own perspective and that is also another theme.

Photography itself is all about illusions, as it showcases a window into someones life as well as the person who is taking the photo, their interests and what not. It begs the question, why did they take the image? Perhaps, they liked National Geographic and why did they choose to go into a career field that requires them to travel to remote areas. This is a field that people will risk their lives into taking that perfect shot. I saw a few different genres of photographs in this piece such as documentary, surrealism, wildlife, landscape, portraits, family photography. Photography is a form of documentation as you can see how other people live their lives, and I agree with the saying “there is no right or wrong way to live” as photography also has no right or wrong way. Photography can be someones livelyhood, hobby, or a fun thing to do with the advent of blogging, tumblr, and social media (selfie’s). The perspective in the images was very unique and beautiful. Perspective as how I interpret is what goes on in front and behind the camera lens. Life is very beautiful, but it can get really ugly as you can never take it for granted.

What I did not like about the piece is that photography, like art is very subjective and critics have their own biases that can influence an outcome. I felt that some of the photos looked out of place like the ones where they had a casket of a dead child, and the landscape photograph was a little out of place. I really do think that each photo had a purpose though. Some people just cannot understand art, or can find it to be political. Also, we are in a world where everybody thinks they can take good photos whether it is a DSLR or even a smartphone like my Galaxy S5 or iPhone. Social Media is allowing for interesting photos and I am not sure why Instagram is popular, but it is what is an outlet that lets anybody post an image of their lives. I also find the filters on Instagram and Snapchat to be very tacky.

In the end this piece had good ideas in regards to photography.

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